Monday, October 24, 2011

Mock Newspaper Spread

Creating your own newspaper is difficult work.

In Digital Media class, Dr. Steve Youngblood asked the class to create a 2 page, letter-size newspaper spread using InDesign.

I had never used InDesign before, so the week or so of preparation before was much needed.  InDesign is a program created by Adobe that graphic designers and many other people use to create flyers, brochures, newspapers, books, etc.  Without a proper introduction to the software, it may be difficult to use.

The newspaper spread ended up being pretty fun.  We had free reign on topics, titles, colors, photos, etc.  The guidelines we had only related to design.

Click here to check out my mock newspaper spread:  "Food Chronicles"

And, if you'd like a tutorial on how to use Adobe InDesign, click here.

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