Sunday, November 20, 2011

5 Best Tips for Journalists' Use of Multimedia/Social Media

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Social media and multimedia are beneficial for journalists.  There are so many social media websites that are just screaming for users to take advantage of them, but most people don't know how.

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1.  Use Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and other social media websites to look for trends.  Check out all of the social media websites to find trends and possible ledes.  There is no better way to see what people like than to go straight to the people.  This is the best way to do it; if you see what people are talking about firsthand, you can easily write a popular lede.  Source: click here.

2.  Use Blogspot, Wordpress, and other blogging websites to promote your work.   Journalists can use all the publicity they can get.  If you start writing a blog, you become part of a community and those are the people that will support you.  Source: click here.

3.  Make podcasts and vlogs to promote yourself.  Use YouTube, make vlogs, and podcasts to promote yourself.  Publish your works on Youtube and other websites and talk yourself up.  YouTube is a popular website and it's very easy to get people to notice you.

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4. Be the first to know something.  Want to be the first person to get a news lede?  Well Facebook is the best place to get this news.  I sometimes find myself checking Facebook before I check the news.  When the Oklahoma earthquake hit a couple weeks ago, I found out about it on Facebook.  Then you can follow up the story on CNN or other news websites.

5.  Compare and contrast both sides of a story.  When writing a story, it's important to be unbiased but be able to get both sides of the story.  With personal websites like Twitter, it's easy to follow 'important' people and read about their personal lives.  It'll also helpful if you want to dig up some dirt on people. Source: click here.

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